LiveNDVI™ Video: An Industry First.
Only from Sentera.

LiveNDVI™ video technology is the latest groundbreaking technology from Sentera. The only solution in the world of its kind, the Sentera Double 4K sensor allows you to livestream NDVI video at the field’s edge — while your drone is still in the air!

The fastest way for growers and consultants to make informed decisions is to view normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data the instant it is collected. With LiveNDVI, it’s never been easier to gather real-time data that enables you to make immediate input decisions.


LiveNDVI in action


Real-Time Processing at
30 Frames per Second

The Sentera Double 4K sensor is the only sensor available that allows you to capture NDVI video. What’s more, the Double 4K is fast — and efficient. There is no other product available that rivals it.

To produce crisp LiveNDVI video, NDVI analytics are being performed within the sensor on every pixel in every frame — while it’s flying over your field. The Double 4K has an on-board processor that translates NIR and RGB data into TrueNDVI video instantly. The result is real-time NDVI video livestreaming to your device while the drone is still in the air. At the same time, 4K video is generated by processing 30 frames every second.

Processing over half a billion calculations during a typical flight, the Double 4K is more than just two cameras joined together — it’s the most advanced NDVI sensor available today. The Double 4K is smaller than a deck of cards, weighs less than a cell phone, and has the processing power of a full-size computer.


The Platform Matters

LiveNDVI™ video is available exclusively with Sentera’s two most advanced drone platforms: the Omni™ quadcopter and Phoenix 2™ fixed-wing UAV. Both UAVs provide users the reliability needed, the precision required, and the versatility wanted to collect the most accurate crop health data. The Omni features an omni-directional camera to scout difficult-to-reach areas while the Phoenix 2 is ideal for large, expansive fields.

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What does this mean for me?

LiveNDVI is easy to use and will revolutionize the efficiency of your operation. For agronomists and other consultants, LiveNDVI will change how you work with your customers, helping to make you irreplaceable.

The Double 4K’s on-board LiveNDVI processing allows you to:

Make on-the-fly decisions
Perform analytics in-flight
Scout hot spots and determine urgency of action
Maximize yields, minimize costs
Optimize inputs
Increase operational efficiencies



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