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FieldAgent analytics are here!

Leverage powerful new features + advanced agronomic analytics

Sentera offers a wide range of agricultural analytics products, each with measurable economic value to your operation. Every result is available as a data-driven map layer within FieldAgent — visible on your computer, on the web, or on your phone. Results are shareable with clients and advisers, even if they don’t have FieldAgent accounts.

Push data directly to your tools

All of Sentera's analytics products can be exported as shapefiles and rate-controlled prescription files suitable for most any precision applicator or planter, providing a clear path between analysis and action. FieldAgent is also linked with the My John Deere Operations Center, which means analytics can be synced between the two platforms, giving you in-cab access to your results and prescriptions.

Analytics Tools:


Zone Management


Sentera's zone management analytic performs a centimeter-by-centimeter analysis of your field and uses a sophisticated statistical model to create regions of similar values.

Create zones from several types of data:

  • RGB
  • NDVI
  • NDRE (Red Edge)
  • Population / Stand Count
  • Weeds
  • Nitrogen

For example, combined with a population map, you could identify areas of your field that share statistically similar populations and export the data to your planter. Or, when combined with NDVI, determine zones that are at similar levels of vigor or biomass.

Zone Management maximizes the utility of each analytics product by making it actionable, and bridging the gap between analysis and application. Zones are saved and exported as standard shapefiles, and you can even attach rate information with FieldAgent’s prescription generator.


Elevation Mapping


Fly your drone and let FieldAgent do the rest. FieldAgent quickly and accurately generates elevation data points throughout your field. Use this data to streamline water management and prescription generation activities.

Helps streamline:

  • Creation of drainage or land-leveling plans
  • Building variable rate prescriptions
  • Designing subsurface drainage
  • Surface water management and ditching

Having elevation data dramatically increases your ability to get projects done right the first time, allowing you to focus on other value-added activities.


Stand Count / Plant Population Analysis

Detect Missing plants at actionable growth stages

Population analysis shows you where plants are missing in your field, even at early growth stages so you can take action before it's too late.

  • Results are saved as map layers and shapefiles so you can export to planters and sprayers
  • You can attach rate information for more sophisticated operations such as a chemical application
  • Stand counts can be performed broadly in a plant’s lifecycle (V3 - VT in corn), enabling everything from re-planting to damage assessments for insurance claims

Weed Mapping

Detect weeds, create shapes, and push data to sprayers

The Weed Mapping capability highlights areas in your field where weeds are growing. FieldAgent then produces map layers and shapefiles containing weed locations, allowing you to target them with specific chemistry, and specific rates.

  • Shapefiles enable use with precision spray operations for machinery with section or nozzle control
  • Decrease input waste – FieldAgent's precision ensures only the least amount of product is applied and only exactly where needed
  • Assists with species identification – FieldAgent preserves the native, high-resolution images, so agronomists can even use them for species identification allowing even more chemical precision
  • Works with any row crop, at any growth stage (provided the weed is visible to the camera)

Spot Maps


Spot Maps are a faster, more efficient way to sample plant population. Spot scouting maps deliver measurements based on grid sampling of a field. FieldAgent Spot Maps sub-sample fields with nominally 1-2 measurements of every acre, dramatically increasing the number of acres you can fly on a single drone battery while still collecting significantly more samples per acre than traditional manual scouting practices — and with higher accuracy.


Free Mosaics

Unlimited free image stitching

Starting in April 2018, FieldAgent will provide subscribers with free access to unlimited image stitching. Simply upload your dataset to FieldAgent desktop and let the software do the rest. FieldAgent will automatically stitch your images into a full orthomosaic right on your local machine. You don’t even need an internet connection!

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